JuriSolutions Provides the Tools to Unbundle Organizational Workflow, Unlock Value & Improve Morale


JuriSolutions, through our CYLA service line, was engaged earlier this year by the General Counsel of an aerospace company plagued by morale issues. The in-house attorneys were in the weeds with low-level routine work. Job dissatisfaction was high, as most of the key and specialized projects were being sent to outside counsel. There was fear of increased turnover, increasing operational costs while adversely impacting business. By unbundling the workflow elements, the GC worked with JuriSolutions to change the paradigm. Routine transactional work now is being sent to well-qualified but lower cost temporary JuriSolutions attorneys. The more complex work is kept more in-house with his legal team. Legal expenses have declined and in-house staff is more engaged with higher level work.

JuriSolutions Innovates for a Better Spend Model

Recently a west-coast technology client engaged JuriSolutions, through our CYLA service line, to solve a contract management and operations issue. With far too many contracts to review for the in-house staff, they were struggling to engage business and supplier contacts throughout North America. Travel budgets were out of control and internal client satisfaction metrics were declining. JuriSolutions provided experienced, local contract review managers on an as-needed basis, matching key skill sets with the regional business people. Provided at a fraction of the cost of fixed headcount, internal satisfaction scores improved, travel was tamed and the company gained flexibility to address new projects and volume spikes.