My Basic Plan for Document Reviews: The “Bottom Line Driven” Approach – Part One


An article by Ralph Losey, Esq. appearing on his blog e-Discovery Team ®.  The article focuses on Mr. Losey’s method of establishing a method to make the costs of document review more predictable at the outset of the project.

The article states, “….Bottom Line Driven Proportional Review and Production. A more technical description for it, the one I used in a legal methods patent application, is: System and Method for Establishing, Managing, and Controlling the Time, Cost, and Quality of Information Retrieval and Production in Electronic Discovery. But I usually just call it Bottom Line Driven Review.

The Bottom Line of Productions

The bottom line in e-discovery production is what it costs. Believe me fellow lawyers, clients care about that …. a lot! In Bottom Line Driven Proportional Review everything starts with the bottom line. What is the production going to cost? Despite what some lawyers and vendors may tell you, it is not an impossible question to answer. It takes an experienced lawyer’s skill to answer, but after a while, you can get quite good at such estimation. It is basically a matter of man-hours estimation. With my method it becomes a reliable art that you can count on. It may never be exact, but the ranges can usually be predicted, subject of course to the target changing after the estimate is given.”


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