Managing Religious Diversity in the Workplace

religious diverse

An article appearing on, on the Corporate Counsel webpage, written by Rebekah Mintzer.

The article provides information on accommodating various religions in the workplace.  The article states, ““I think the first thing is to realize that religion is a workplace issue, and  that it’s wise to proactively include it in all efforts that come out of the  diversity and inclusion department in the company or the HR department,” Joyce  Dubensky, CEO of Tanenbaum told “And that’s going to benefit  the company.”
Religious discrimination in the workplace is illegal under  the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and employers are legally required to accommodate  different religious faiths, granted these accommodations don’t cause them undue  hardship.
But Tanenbaum’s survey indicated that the religious needs of  employees are not always accommodated. Of workers surveyed, 36 percent said they  saw a form of religious non-accommodation in their companies, and one-third said  that they have seen or personally experienced religious bias in their  workplace.”


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